Stephen H Garrity (2014)
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The Halifax Mark V was a modified Mark II, having a different undercarriage. In February 1944 the Mark V was withdrawn from major targets. It was in the Mark V that we attacked French targets In March 1944 our squadron was equipped with the Halifax Mark III. It proved to be a most effective bomber.
Just before take-off for Cambrai, June 14th, Don Shelton, myself, George, our new bomb aimer Jonsie, and front row; Walter, Bill, Vernon, and our driver, Barbara.
Four days after the loss of Joe, George was declared fit and we were again on ops.

F/O 'Jonesie' Jones was assigned to replace Joe as Bomb aimer. Barbara, our regular crew bus driver drove us out to dispersal where Tommy, one of the ground crew took a picture of the crew with Barbara, just before take-off
The target was Cambrai. Take-off was at 23.04 hrs. and we arrived over the railway marshalling yards, which were well identified by red T.I. at 00.55, and at 11,400ft. Unfortunately the target was partially covered by clouds and bombing was not as concentrated as hoped for. Despite considerable fighter activity, we returned home without incident. For some unknown reason, we had to circle base for 55 minutes before we were able to land. As might be expected everyone was thoroughly cheesed. Debriefing was late and it was 5.30 A.M. when we got to bed.
"THE LAST HALIFAX" From the original oil painting by Terrence Cuneo R.G.I.

This painting, autographed by the painter, is mounted proudly on my wall.
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The Home Front
Neville Garrity
1924 - 1944
The Crash Site
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The Journey Home
May 28, 1944, on leave at Blythe Lauder, the the dog Timoschenko and Captain McDougal
Escape and Evasion
One of the ground crew stands next to the enormous wheel of our aircraft.