Stephen H Garrity (2014)
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Immediately after taking part in one of the heaviest attacks of the war on Berlin, three members of 431 Iroquois Squadron of the RCAF Bomber Group, are photographed in the briefing room of their station, somewhere in Northern England. At centre is Wing Commander W.F. Bill Newson, DFC. of Victoria, B.C., who commands the squadron. On his left is Squadron Leader H.R. "Hank" Dow of Toronto, formerly one of Canada's best-known swimmers, who commands one of the squadron flights. At right is Squadron Leader Clarence "Higgy" Higgins of Charlottetown, PEI, who commands the other flight.
Photograph and official report after our first attack on a French target, an aircraft factory at Meulan-Les-Meureau, 15 miles from Paris. The attack force was made up of 117 Halifaxes and 6 Mosquitoes. Serious damage was inflicted and no aircraft were lost.

Pilot Officer George Johnston of Barnwell, Alberta, skipper of an Iroquois Squadron aircraft of RCAF Bomber Group, tells the Interrogation Officer how his port inner engine quit on the way to the target. Carrying on with three engines, the crew successfully completed the bombing run and returned without further trouble. Looking over his skipper's shoulder is FL Sgt. G.B. Jose, Vancouver, while the English rear-gunner, Sgt. Walter Thorn, sits next to the skipper.
The ground crew loading up the bomb bay.
TOP: Skipper George Johnson. BELOW: File image of a Halifax Bomber
Myself at the Navigator's station.
File photo of a navigator at his station.
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