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Evasion Home
First Contact
Grote Bedelaar
Panic in the Ranks
Hiding in Agimont
Trek to Hastier
Arrival in Flavion
Trip to Liege
Back to England
Quebec City
Narrow Escape
Hunsel Maaseik
German Occupation
Liberation Day
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Trying not to be noticed, we carefully moved through the streets of Flavion to Jeanne and Raymond's house.
The Villa Rose, located about 1000 yards to the east of the chateau, was a smaller but very attractive building. It was vacant even before the arrival of the Germans, and heavily damaged by them.
We moved into Jeanne's house in the village when the Germans occupied the Villa Rose. Since Jeanne's house was right on the main street, we had to be extremely quiet and cautious, as the house was supposedly vacant. This was a tiny village. Everyone knew everyone else's business.
When the Germans unexpectedly occupied the chateau, we hit out in M. Closon's personal quarters, the upper floor of the east wing. The German colonel and his staff occupied the west wing.
In my 1969 visit, Jeanne led me down the staircase, reenacting that dramatic moment when we had tip-toed down the stairs on the heels of the Germans and took refuge in M. Closon's quarters.
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